About us

Georgios Kachrimanis (Tenor and Alto Trombone) was born in Athens on the 26th of December, 1977.
The Trombone came into his life at the age of 15, although he had started playing music at the age of ten in his local fanfare band. Shortly thereafter he started playing in the Athens Student orchestra. The first time he played music professionally was at the age of 17, with the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Greece. In 2002 he won his current position as principal trombone of the Athens Philharmonia and in 2003 finished his studies with a 10 and first prize. During the next 10 years Georgios won other auditions and played with all the major and minor orchestras in Greece, appearing as a soloist on a number of occasions. Since he was a child he wanted to discover the source of classical music. After years of the same mediocre musical life in Greece, the lack of creativity did not seem any more to maintain the glamour in his life. So the moment came when he decided to make his childhood dream come true. He attended the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and in 2015 graduated with a Masters Degree.

Hye-Rim Lee (tenor trombone) is from South Korea. She started playing trombone since she was sixteen. When she was seventeen years old, she took a first lesson with Jong-Se Park who is the bass trombone player of the Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra, which is one of the famous orchestras in Korea. In August 2005, she won First prize in trombone section of Sungshin Women’s University Music Contest. When she entered the Sungshin Women’s University, she had a lesson with Jung-Saeng Lee and Jung-Do Park.

She also tutored trombone to adults from August 2008 till April 2010 and elementary school students from March 2010 till May 2011. She was a principal trombonist of Namyangju Symphony Orchestra, from November 2011 till December 2012.

During her Master course at the Sungshin Women’s University, she learned from Suk-Won Bae, who is the principal trombone player in the Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra. And he studied in the Royal conservatory of The Hague. At his recommendation,  she met Pete Saunders and Timothy Dowling. That’s why she came to Holland to learn more musical ideas and developing herself.

Currently, she is studying at the Royal Conservatory as a first year of the master. From 2015, she has been the member of the Slide Resistance Trombone Quartet. She is seeking to be a free and happy player. “If I am happy, the audience should be happy”.

Ledion-Leonidas Zhupali (tenor trombone) began playing trombone at the age of 11. From 2009-2011 he followed trombone lessons with Kostas Avgerinos and also theoretical lessons as a main subject from Kostas Telakis. Since 2011 he studies at the Royal conservatory of The Hague where he has lessons from Pete Saunders and Timothy Dowling. Leonidas is also studying education and followed a special Kodaly method program.

Although his main subject is classical trombone he also participates in Baroque and Jazz projects.
Leonidas followed masterclasses with different trombone and brass players Ian Bousfield, Michel Becquet, Christian Lindberg, Jorgen van Rijen, Stefan Schulz, the Canadian Brass, the Mnozill Brass and many others.
He is a founder and member of the trombone quartet Slide Resistance, with trombone players Georgios Kachrimanis, Hyerim Lee and Carlos Máquez.
Besides his studies Leonidas is a freelance trombone player, playing with many different orchestra’s and ensembles, like the Metropole orchestra.

Carlos Maquez Lopez (Bass Trombone) was born in Santiago de Compostela in 1989. He studied the specialty of trombone at the Conservatory of Music of La Coruña and he received his bachelor diploma at the School of Music de Catalunya (ESMUC). During his studies he collaborated with various orchestras such as the Symphony Youth Orchestra of Galicia, Catalonia National Youth Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia, Orchestra Nacional de Catalunya, Wind Orchestra of the Galician Federation, Chamber Orchestra Terrassa.

His interest in the field of light music led him to join groups like Skarallaos or Itaca Band, also collaborating with: El Son De La Chama, Mo- Cambo Reggae, New Generation Backing Band, Mystic Soul- diers, Tokyo Sex Destruction Roger Pistola, Tonino Carotone.

Carlos is presently finishing his studies for a Master at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague.